Industrial water chiller CW 6100 for 36kW CNC Spindle
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CNC spindle water chiller CW-6100 is a great laser cooler for cooling 36kW machining spindles. It reduces thermal growth in the spindle by using process cooling which features intelligent temperature control and multiple safety mechanisms, keeps the spindle at the proper temperature and continues to run stably. Powerful, stable and efficient cooling, green energy saving and environmental protection, CW-6100 is a popular industrial chiller in S&A spindle cooling systems, and it is also a good helper for CNC spindle machine tool cooling.


Industrial water chiller CW-6100 complies with CE, ROHS, REACH standards and is charged with environmentally friendly refrigerant, so it won’t cause any pollution to the environment. The side casings are easy to be taken apart for regular maintenance. The warranty for the laser chiller is 2 years.


Industrial recirculating chiller CW-6100 features:

Temperature Stability:


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